Recycling & Compounding

Having the right homogenization is essential for specifically affecting the property profile of plastics for certain applications. As a result, the diverse range of products and services offered by NGR includes pioneering technology for refining the plastic melt. The outstanding design from twin screw extruder technology makes it possible to add additives, fillers or reinforcing materials in the melt. This makes it possible, for example, to match the mechanical strength, look, feel or even electrical conductivity of the recycled pellets to the desired new material properties with precision. Compounding – combined with sophisticated NGR recycling technology – opens up new market segments for recyclers and compounders because first-class secondary raw materials with specific properties can be custom-made with consistency.

LDPE + 50% CaCO3
PP + 40% CaCO3
PA6 + 15% glass
PO + 45% CaCO3
PET/PA + 55% CaCO3


Additive supply of recycling melts, reactive
substances, reinforcing or filling materials