metal-coated films
Film waste


Pre-shredded or ground
plastic scrap
Transparent plastic flakes
Plastic flakes from washing lines
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    • Processing of wet materials
    • Optimized material processing
    • Temperature regulation in the cutter bin
    • Efficient extruder

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    C:GRAN 65-90 65 900 250 550
    C:GRAN 85-110 85 1100 450 990
    C:GRAN 105-120 105 1200 700 1540
    C:GRAN 125-140 125 1400 1000 2200
    C:GRAN 145-150 145 1300 1000 2860
    C:GRAN 165-170 165 1700 1700 3740
    C:GRAN 185-180 185 1800 2100 4620
    C:GRAN 205-190 205 1900 2400 5280



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    The plastic scrap is shredded in the cutter bin by rotating blades. Specially arranged guides ensure that the plastic scrap is further compressed in the direction of the rotating blades.

    In the cutter bin. the additional plastic scrap is shredded, compressed, heated and fed into the extruder screw.

    The advanced extruder screw design allows for better utilization of the material compaction from the cutter bin. This leads to an improved output rate at the desired high degree of homogenization and low energy input.

    Processing of wet materials

    Due to the high heating of the plastic scrap in the cutter bin, it is also possible to process wet materials, e.g. from washing lines, with more than 10%. A partial drying or degassing of print colors or other additives is carried out during shredding and processing.

    Optimized material processing

    Thanks to the optimal new cutter design and efficiently arranged material guides, the material is well cut, compressed and heated. The high level of processing in the shortest possible time optimally fills the screw and thus provides high output rates with low energy consumption.

    Temperature regulation in the cutter bin

    During the cutting process in the cutter bin, the feeding into the cutter bin and the extruder is automatically regulated by temperature sensors.

    Efficient extruder

      The high level of processing of the material to be recycled and the optimized screw design for every material ensures best possible homogenization and highest output with low energy demand.