Shredded plastic bags
Plastic flakes from washing lines
Transparent flakes
Agricultural film flakes from washing lines
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    Medium to high output range 500-2600 kg/h (LDPE)

    • Automatic feeder screw control
    • Anti-Bridging Silo
    • One-button automatic on/off control
    • DUMP and RUN operation

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    F:GRAN 95-20 95 200 550 1210
    F:GRAN 105-20 105 200 650 1430
    F:GRAN 125-20 125 200 900 1980
    F:GRAN 145-20 145 200 1200 2640
    F:GRAN 165-20 165 200 1500 3300
    F:GRAN 165-25 165 250 1500 3300
    F:GRAN 185-25 185 250 2000 4400
    F:GRAN 205-25 205 250 2300 5060
    F:GRAN 225-25 225 250 2700 5940



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    In the anti-bridging silo, rotors keep the plastic flakes in motion. This prevents the flakes from bridging and ensures flowability.

    In the transition area between the flake conveyor and the extruder input, the feeding screw acts like a feeder. The flakes are gently transported continuously from the large-dimensioned feeder screw into the extruder. This arrangement facilitates the processing of flakes of different sizes (the flake size is of minor importance). The pressure on the plastic flakes increases steadily as they enter the extruder intake, in order to achieve high throughput rates.

    All the components are positioned in close proximity to prevent oxidation of the material and to make optimal use of heat from the shredding process.

    Automatic feeder screw control

    The feeder screw is automatically activated depending on the utilization of the extruder capacity.
    This ensures an optimized throughput without operator interference saving on labour costs.

    Anti-Bridging Silo

    The anti-bridging silo is used to store the plastic flakes and is equipped with rotors to prevent the flakes from bridging. Located directly over the feeder screw, the antibridging silo ensures a continuous supply of flakes.

    One-Button automatic on/off controll

    • Convenient startup and shutdown
    • Restart after unplanned shutdown in less than two minutes with a full feeder screw and full extruder
    • The control system provides for smooth start-up of equipment components 

    Dump and Run operation

    • The material level in the anti-bridging silo is constantly measured and the feed is regulated accordingly
    • Discontinuous filling of the anti-bridging silo is possible – the NGR control unit does the rest