metal-coated films
Ropes, long fibers

Compacted EPS blocks

Fibers, filaments, tapes

Roll scrap without core
Textiles, woven fabrics,
Start-up lumps
Injection molded parts
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    Very high output range 800-2600 kg/h (LDPE)

    • ONE-STEP technology
    • Process bulky plastic scrap
    • One-button automatic On/Off control
    • DUMP and RUN operation

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    X:GRAN 125-140 125 1400 900 1980
    X:GRAN 145-140 145 1400 1200 2640
    X:GRAN 165-180 165 1800 1500 3300
    X:GRAN 185-180 185 1800 2000 4400
    X:GRAN 205-180 205 1800 2300 5060
    X:GRAN 225-180 225 1800 2700 5940



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    Plastic waste is processed by a heavy duty shredder operating at low speed for gentle size reduction and minimal loss of material properties. in this process, a hydraulic ram pushes the material to be shredded onto the shredder shaft.

    The shredder and extruder drives are controlled separately and automatically, based on load.

    After shredding, the ground up material is fed directly into the extruder via the feeder screw. in the extruder, the material is brought to a uniform melt temperature and degassed, if necessary.

    All the components are positioned in close proximity to prevent oxidation of the material and to make optimal use of heat from the shredding process.

    One-Step technology

    In a single process step, the slow-turning shredder blades grind up the plastic waste and the shredded material is then fed continuously to the extruder by the feeder screw. 

    VProcess bulky plastic scrap

    Large, thick or bulky waste can be processed without pre-shredding as long as pieces fit into the hopper opening.

    One-button automatic on/off control

    • Convenient start-up and shut-down
    • Restart after unplanned shutdown in less than two minutes with a full hopper and full extruder
    • The control system provides for smooth start-up of equipment components 

    Dump and Run operation

    • The material level in the chute is constantly measured and the feed is regulated accordingly
    • Conveyor can be loaded intermittently – the rest is handled by the NGR control unit