PET Up/Recycling

P:REACT opens a new dimension in the PET improvement process. P:REACT transforms PET from industrial waste or PET bottle flakes into food-grade rPET in minutes. Information from the inline melt characterization is transferred back into the process control system in almost no time at all so that the IV value (intrinsic viscosity) remains as stable as possible and can even be increased beyond the value from the input material. As a result, the ground-breaking new development from NGR provides an impressive demonstration of what the technical innovations can provide a livable future. P:REACT is also of major interest for fiber producers; spinning oils are completely removed without leaving any residue thanks to the newly developed LSP (Liquid State Polycondensation) process intended specifically for P:REACT and producers see new added value opportunities working with cleaned material.


PET-fibers, sheets, skeletons, trays,
non-wovens, bottle flakes, film
150-2200 kg/h
330-4840 lbs/h